The current list of local Cayman Islands registered Charities eligible for support from the 100+ Women who care Cayman Islands can be found on our registration page in the "My Nominated Charity" drop down menu.

If you support or represent a Cayman Islands registered charity or registered non-for-profit and you don't see them listed on the drop down menu in the registration from on line please send an email to with a copy of their registration certificate and we will be happy to add them to the list for the next meeting. 

Local causes that are not legally registered as non-for-profit or Charities in the Cayman Islands are not eligible for nomination. The 100 Women Who Care, Cayman Islands membership are responsible to one another for ensuring transparency and accountability for where funds collected and donated go and how they are used.  We also have to have an objective and transparent approval process for adding causes to the list for membership to nominate.