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I understand that I am making a commitment to 100 Women Who Care Cayman Islands to make an annual donation of CI$400/ US$500 (CI$100 at each quarterly meeting OR US$125), which will be given directly to a local charity or one of its valuable programs that serves the Cayman Islands community.

I agree to fulfill my donation commitment to the charity that is chosen at the meeting even if I did not vote for, or am not fond of, the charity selected by majority vote.

If I am not able to attend the quarterly meeting I will give my cheque or cash donation to another member to deliver on my behalf.

If I no longer wish to be part of the 100 Women Who Care Cayman Islands giving circle, for whatever reason, I understand that I can email the committee at and formally request to be removed from the database of group members.

I consent to my information being stored in the database. I understand that this information will not be sold, given, or otherwise shared with a third party without my express consent unless required by law.

I acknowledge that there may be videographers/photographers and/or press present at 100 Women Who Care Cayman Islands events. I understand that I may be included in a photo/video and by registering here I agree that this content may be made public and I am giving consent. I acknowledge that these photos and videos may be used on the internet and other public settings, strictly for educational purposes and to help spread the word about our amazing giving circle.

I understand all of the terms of joining the 100 Women Who Care Cayman Islands giving circle and by submitting my registration from I agree to comply with the terms outlined here.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has” - Margaret Meade

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